Being “In the Goo”

Posted on July 14, 2016

By Katherine Keeping


I am feeling awkward of late, uncertain of what is next and of my place within my life. A friend once described that as being “in the goo.”

Being in the goo is your own personal story of change and transformation, your butterfly story. You begin as the caterpillar, munching away on food (or ideas). Then build the cocoon in preparation for change. Within this temporary home, a caterpillar becomes the goo. She has all of the same cells as the preceding form, but has not yet become a winged being.

Being in the goo is being in the gifted place of transformation; not yet fully formed for the world to see yet as the strong and graceful butterfly.


This Summer I made the choice to look through all tasks, both personal and professional, and either complete them or release them. It is a more daunting task than I had imagined.  But I am choosing to keep those ideas and objects that bring joy.

And in this process of change, I am re-visioning my business and my business plan. Taking the time to look beyond Facebook & website, and see what opportunities bring joy to my being a business owner.

It is not yet complete. These goals are lofty for me, and will bring me into the Autumn as my own version of a re-imagined butterfly. But for now, for this moment, I am one of many who inhabits the sacred, and sometimes uncomfortable place, of being “in the goo.” If you are there too, I want to encourage in each step that you take toward your own transformation.